The Storehouse Trustees

The Storehouse Trustees are responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the church, ensuring that legal obligations are carried out and that finances are administered solely for the purposes specified.

Dave and Diz Middleton
Tom Dant
Michael Hippey
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Rev. David and Elizabeth Middleton

Rev. David and Elizabeth Middleton are supported by team leaders who have a heart for seeing Gods plan for Skegness fulfilled.

Core Leadership Team

Rev. David and Elizabeth


Jonny and Rachel


John and Olive


Don and Lyn Gaylard

A apple has a core at its centre. A dancer needs good core strength. Likewise a Church needs a strong core, made up of the Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastoral and educational gifting’s. I’m sure you will agree with me that God never intended for one person to carry all the pressure or responsibility for a local church and its ministry.


Team leadership is a scriptural pattern…


A good example is found in Exodus were we find Moses with seventy elders of the house of Israel - that’s quit a big team! Jesus had twelve Apostles and a wider team of seventy. All gifted for leadership and of whom the Holy Spirit was resting on for decision making. Going into Asia to set up a Church (Acts 20), Paul was accompanied by So-pater, Arist-ar-chus, Sec-undus, Ga-ius, Timothy, Tychi-cus and Troph-i-mus.




What are some purposes and advantages of an authoritative team leadership?

Here are 7...


1. Team leadership to provide a living demonstration of the vision, of expected levels of commitment and to advance what we believe is our now and our future, and the general culture needed in the entire body of the Storehouse.


2. Responsible for teaching and maintaining present Biblical truth, more than one voice speaking the same things makes a better impact of continuity.


3. A team can more effectively find the mind of the Lord for the way forward and pray towards the fulfilment of God’s will.


4. Team leadership provides a greater possibility for safety and balance in our Church’s ministry.


5. Team leadership helps guard against the traps set by our spiritual enemies, which can snare individual leaders.


6. Team leadership provides strength and encouragement for others in leadership, and for themselves.


7. When less experienced leaders can accompany more mature ones, the process of discipleship, training and future Leadership continues.

Rev. David Middleton OSL


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Rev. David and Elizabeth Middleton